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A tribute to a very real man who had strength of a pachyderm, the universal awareness of Ganepati and the consciousness of mind not to ever forget. If there is anyone in this life who could find a way to stay present with those he loved after leaving his body, it would not be surprising to find Gordon lingering about.
Gordon was very observant to the trickery of the wolf wearing a sheep's clothing. He stood for accuracy and the absolute.

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We are still waiting for funeral arrangements for Gordon

(From Blog page titled, “George Harrison’s nephew and Ron Paul.”)

Why  “George Harrison’s nephew,” in the title to this page? Because Gordon was. Gordon had a humorous story behind those words. I shall not tell it here, for now.

Why “Ron Paul,” in the title?  Because Gordon knew the truth Ron Paul has been  presenting, could free his own family from the clutches of the unjust use of law enforcement (lack of actual law enforcement) in a free country.

Below Photo: Gordon in Central Park, Strawberry Fields, NYC, Oct/Nov 2006 

(Zoom in on the business card near Gordon’s face in the above photo. This photo was on Aaron Russo’s blog for his movie titled, America Freedom to Fascism.) Thank you Aaron Russo. Via phone conversations, Aaron encouraged Gordon to seek help for his cancer, as Aaron was struggling with the same. Aaron gave Gordon courage to use his title and fact, “George Harrison’s nephew.”  Nephew to a man who wrote a song about the taxman.  Aaron was seeking to use the song in his movie.

Gordon, a husband, father, US Army Veteran, understood the fabric of freedom. 

Gordon was fighting fourth stage cancer, for many years.  Something the taxman does not understand.  

Is it wrong to take money from a terminally ill patient and their families?  Could this happen in America?

  Gordon wanted to live and was on cancer treatment when he died, but check out this story of a man from Oregon (a Death with Dignity State), who wanted to die because of the cancer, or was it because of this? Quote from article: 

Update May 23, 2012: above link has changed. The below quote is found here:

Since then, Tory’s life has spiraled into a deepening abyss. His condo is in foreclosure. The IRS has seized his bank account because of rejected write-offs for medical expenses. Tory’s cable, phone and computer have all been cut off because he can’t pay the bills. There is no money and little hope.

Could seizing bank accounts of the terminally ill, their families, and caregivers,  be a “jet set,”  kind of enforcement these days?  This actually did happen to Gordon and his family, the exact week Gordon died (he was not in hospice). 

Although this may seem surreal, this is a true story.

No agency should be above the people’s right to due process of law.

This incident is a slap in the face to a man and his immediate family.

Are we who are left, supposed to just move along and pretend this did not happen? 

Questions should only be directed to Gordon’s widow and son. No other arrangements or spokesperson exists at this time from any entity.